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-====== Compatibility ====== 
-^ Chipset ^ Supported by airodump for Windows ^ Supported by airodump for Linux ^ Supported by aireplay for Linux ^ 
-|Atheros|CardBus: YES\\ PCI: NO (see [[|CommView]])|YES|YES (driver patching required)| 
-|Broadcom|Old models only (BRCM driver)|YES|IN PROGRESS ([[|Forum thread]])| 
-|Centrino b|NO|PARTIAL (ipw2100 driver doesn't discard corrupted packets)|NO| 
-|Centrino b/g|NO|YES|NO (firmware drops most packets) [[ipw2200inject ]]| 
-|Centrino a/b/g|NO|YES|NO| 
-|Cisco Aironet|YES?|YES|NO (firmware issue)| 
-|Hermes I|YES|YES|NO (firmware corrupts the MAC header)| 
-|Prism2/3|NO|YES|YES (PCI and CardBus only, driver patching required)| 
-|PrismGT|YES|FullMAC: YES\\ SoftMAC: NOT YET|YES (driver patching recommended)| 
-|Ralink|NO|YES (rt2500 / rt2570 / rt73 driver)|YES, see [[rt2500]], [[rt2570]], and [[rt73]]| 
-|RTL8180|YES|YES|UNSTABLE (driver patching required)| 
-|TI (ACX100/ACX111)|NO|UNTESTED (acx100 driver)|NO| 
-|ZyDAS 1201|NO|YES|NO| 
-|Others (Marvel...)|NO|UNKNOWN|NO| 
-For driver details see also [[Drivers]] and [[FAQ#Which is the best card to buy ?|Which is the best card to buy ?]]\\ \\ 
-If you don't know what kind of chipset you have, take a lot at this [[chipset|list]] for resources. 
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