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   * Ubiquiti SRX [a/b/g ExpressCard]   * Ubiquiti SRX [a/b/g ExpressCard]
   * Airpcap series [USB]   * Airpcap series [USB]
-  * TP-Link TL-WN722N [b/g/n USB]+  * TP-Link TL-WN722N ​v1 [b/g/n USB] - Beware, if version is not specified by vendor, it is **NOT** v1 
 +  * Alfa AWUS036NHA ​[b/g/n USB]
   * Alfa AWUS051NH v2 [a/b/g/n USB]   * Alfa AWUS051NH v2 [a/b/g/n USB]
   * MiniPCIe: anything that uses [[https://​​wiki/​Ath9k|ath9k]],​ especially AR92xx and AR93xx (ability to do [[https://​​en/​users/​drivers/​ath9k/​spectral_scan|spectral scan]])   * MiniPCIe: anything that uses [[https://​​wiki/​Ath9k|ath9k]],​ especially AR92xx and AR93xx (ability to do [[https://​​en/​users/​drivers/​ath9k/​spectral_scan|spectral scan]])
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   * stty columns 86   * stty columns 86
   * stty rows 39   * stty rows 39
 +=====How much does Aircrack-ng cost?=====
 +Aircrack-ng is "free software";​ you can download it without paying any license fee. The version of Aircrack-ng you download isn't a "​demo"​ version, with limitations not present in a "​full"​ version; it is the full version.
 +The license under which Aircrack-ng is issued is mostly the GNU General Public License version 2. See the GNU GPL FAQ for some more information. ​
 +You may also want to check out the OpenSSL license included in our source code download.
 +=====But I just paid someone on eBay for a copy of Aircrack-ng! Did I get ripped off?=====
 +That depends. Did they provide any sort of value-added product or service, such as installation support, installation media, training, trace file analysis, or funky-colored socks? Probably not.
 +Aircrack-ng is available for anyone to download, absolutely free, at any time. Paying for a copy implies that you should get something for your money.
 +=====Can I use Aircrack-ng commercially?​=====
 +Yes, if, for example, you mean "I work for a commercial organization;​ can I use Aircrack-ng to capture and asses WiFi network security in our company'​s networks or in our customer'​s networks?"​
 +If you mean "Can I use Aircrack-ng as part of my commercial product?",​ see the next entry in the FAQ.
 +=====Can I use Aircrack-ng as part of my commercial product?​=====
 +As noted, Aircrack-ng is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2. The GPL imposes conditions on your use of GPL'ed code in your own products; you cannot, for example, make a "​derived work" from Aircrack-ng,​ by making modifications to it, and then sell the resulting derived work and not allow recipients to give away the resulting work. You must also make the changes you've made to the Aircrack-ng source available to all recipients of your modified version; those changes must also be licensed under the terms of the GPL. See the GPL FAQ for more details; in particular, note the answer to the question about modifying a GPLed program and selling it commercially,​ and the question about linking GPLed code with other code to make a proprietary program.
 +You can combine a GPLed program such as Aircrack-ng and a commercial program as long as they communicate "at arm's length",​ as per this item in the GPL FAQ.
 +We recommend keeping Aircrack-ng and your product completely separate.
 +You may also want to check out the OpenSSL license included in our source code download.
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