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 ====== Introduction ====== ====== Introduction ======
-[[http://​​doku.php|{{http://​​resources/​aircrack-ng-new-logo.jpg |The Aircrack-ng Suite}}]]Aircrack-ng is an 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking program that can recover keys once enough data packets ​have been captured. It implements the standard FMS attack along with some optimizations like KoreK attacks, as well as the all-new PTW attack, thus making the attack much faster compared ​to other WEP cracking ​tools. +[[https://​​doku.php|{{https://​​resources/​aircrack-ng-new-logo.jpg |The Aircrack-ng Suite}}]]Aircrack-ng is a complete suite of tools to assess WiFi network security\\ \\ All tools are command line which allows for heavy scripting. A lot of GUIs have taken advantage of this feature. It works primarily Linux but also Windows, OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, as well as Solaris and even eComStation 2. \\ \\ It focuses on different areas of WiFi security: 
-In factAircrack-ng is a set of tools for auditing wireless networks.+  * Monitoring: Packet capture and export of data to text files for further processing by third party tools. 
 +  * Attacking: Replay attacksdeauthentication,​ fake access points and others via packet injection. 
 +  * Testing: Checking WiFi cards and driver capabilities (capture and injection). 
 +  * Cracking: WEP and WPA PSK (WPA 1 and 2).
-====== ​What is Aircrack-ng ​?======+We also maintain patches for: 
 +  * Packet injection for Linux drivers 
 +  * HostAPd and Freeradius, called WPE (Wireless Pawn Edition) patches, to attack WPA Enterprise. 
 +====== ​Tell me more about Aircrack-ng ======
 If you are impatient and want to know how to get started, jump to the [[getting_started|Getting Started Tutorial]]. If you are impatient and want to know how to get started, jump to the [[getting_started|Getting Started Tutorial]].
-Aircrack-ng is the next generation ​of aircrack with lots of new features: +Aircrack-ng ​was started at the end of February 2006. It is the Next Generation ​of aircrack with lots of new features: 
-  * Better documentation (wiki, manpages) and support ([[http://​|Forum]],​ [[|trac]], [[irc://​​aircrack-ng|IRC: ​ #​aircrack-ng on Freenode]]).+  * Better documentation (wiki, manpages) and support ([[https://​|Forum]],​ [[​aircrack-ng/​aircrack-ng|GitHub]], [[irc://​​aircrack-ng|IRC: ​ #​aircrack-ng on Freenode]]).
   * More cards/​drivers supported   * More cards/​drivers supported
   * More OS and platforms supported   * More OS and platforms supported
Line 15: Line 21:
   * WEP dictionary attack   * WEP dictionary attack
   * Fragmentation attack   * Fragmentation attack
 +  * WPA1/2 cracking with support for 802.11w captures and PMKID
   * WPA Migration mode   * WPA Migration mode
   * Improved cracking speed   * Improved cracking speed
   * Capture with multiple cards   * Capture with multiple cards
 +  * Cracking session
   * New tools: [[airtun-ng]],​ [[packetforge-ng]] (improved arpforge), [[wesside-ng]],​ [[easside-ng]],​ [[airserv-ng]],​ [[airolib-ng]],​ [[airdriver-ng]],​ [[airbase-ng]],​ [[tkiptun-ng]] and [[airdecloak-ng]]   * New tools: [[airtun-ng]],​ [[packetforge-ng]] (improved arpforge), [[wesside-ng]],​ [[easside-ng]],​ [[airserv-ng]],​ [[airolib-ng]],​ [[airdriver-ng]],​ [[airbase-ng]],​ [[tkiptun-ng]] and [[airdecloak-ng]]
   * Optimizations,​ other improvements and bug fixing   * Optimizations,​ other improvements and bug fixing
   * ...   * ...
-**Note**: Check [[http://​|trac]] for planned and requested features 
 ====== News ====== ====== News ======
 ^Date^Title^Content^ ^Date^Title^Content^
-^30 Dec 15|Cracking speed improvements|I recently put a bug bounty for anybody who can [[|fix compilation on cygwin 64 bit]]. darkfires took up the challenge ​and fixed itBut he did a lot more than that and started fixing some other bugs and decided to bring Aircrack-ng up to date with current CPU and take advantages ​of AVX and AVX2 instructions ​to improve cracking speeds (up to 175% increase on recent Skylake CPUs).\\ \\ This was quite a challenge, but it got finally integrated into our subversion repository ​in [[|r2800]]. You can read more about it in [[http://​​2015/12/cracking-speed-improvements.html|blog]]. ​Please test it and send us feedback via the [[​|forum]].+^15 Oct 2018|Blog post: Using Qemu to run a Big Endian Debian system|[[|PCAP]], IVS and [[https://​​wiki/​doku.php?​id=hccapx#​detailed_structure|hashcat]] capture files contain headers ​that store timestamps ​and other fields as integer values. In most cases, we're dealing ​with the same [[https://​​wiki/​Endianness|endianness]] (little), so this isn't too big of a deal but when a program needs to run on both big and little endian, values needs to be swapped ​to read the values as they were stored. \\ \\ We have quite a few buildbots to handle a lot of test cases and while we're taking care of swapping for endianness ​in most cases, ​[[​aircrack-ng/issues/1968|one bug]] slipped through the netThis is a good opportunity to create a [[https://​​2018/​10/​to-be-or-not-to-be-using-qemu-to-run.html|MIPS big endian system using QEMU and Debian]] as a guest so we can possibly use it later on as another buildbot.| 
-^21 Nov 15|Aircrack-ng 1.2 RC 3|Third release candidate ​and hopefully this should be the last oneIt contains a ton of bug fixescode cleanup, improvements and compilation fixes everywhere. Some features were addedAppArmor profiles, better FreeBSD support, including an airmon-ng for FreeBSD.| +^8 Oct 2018|Blog post: Aircrack-ng packages|As mentioned ​in our [[https://​​2018/09/aircrack-ng-14.html|1.4 release ​blog post]], we are now providing package repositories for a number of Linux distributions:​ Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Fedora, RHEL, CentOS and a few others\\ \\ Getting this done for so many distributions (and multiple version of each) wasn't an easy feat but we're now automatically building packages for releases and, for the adventurous ones, each commit in our GitHub repository is packaged too, in a separate repository. Head to our [[https://​​2018/​10/​aircrack-ng-packages.html|blog post]] for more details ​and how to use it\\ \\ If you just want to install one of the repositories (git or release)head over to our [[https://​​aircrack-ng| repository]].| 
-^10 Apr 2015|Aircrack-ng 1.2 RC 2|Here is the second ​release ​candidateAlong with LOT of fixesit improves the support for the Airodump-ng scan visualizerAirmon-zc is mature ​and is now renamed to Airmon-ng. Also, Airtun-ng is now able to encrypt ​and decrypt WPA on top of WEPAnother big change is recent version of GPSd now work very well with Airodump-ng.|+^29 Sep 2018|Aircrack-ng 1.4|We're on a roll, this is the third release ​of the yearWe are still focusing ​lot on code qualitywhile fixing bugs, improving all around and adding features: \\ PMKID cracking \\ - Cracking capture files with 802.11w \\ Speed and memory usage improvement when loading (large) files with Aircrack-ng and Airdecap-ng \\ - Packages for Linux distributions ​and Windows \\ - CI/CD tweaks and improvements \\ - New tests \\ More details can be found in our [[https://​​2018/​09/​aircrack-ng-14.html|blog post]].| 
-[[morenews|More news...]] ​+[[morenews|More news...]]
 ====== Download ====== ====== Download ======
 ===== Current version ===== ===== Current version =====
-Latest version: 1.2 RC 3+Latest version: 1.4
-  * [[http://​​aircrack-ng-1.2-rc3.tar.gz|Linux]] ([[http://​​|Driver patches]])+  * [[https://​​aircrack-ng-1.4.tar.gz|Linux]] ([[https://​​|Driver patches]])
 ** IMPORTANT ** Information Regarding Windows Version ** IMPORTANT **\\ ** IMPORTANT ** Information Regarding Windows Version ** IMPORTANT **\\
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 ==== Changelog ==== ==== Changelog ====
-  ​Airodump-ng: Prevent sending signal to init which caused the system to reboot/​shutdown. + 
-  * Airbase-ng: Allow to use a user-specified ANonce instead of a randomized one when doing the 4-way handshake +  ​Aircrack-ng: Added PMKID cracking 
-  * Aircrack-ng: ​Fixed compilation warnings. +  * Aircrack-ng: Serious speed up and memory usage decrease ​when loading large files (multiple Gb) using AVL trees 
-  * Aircrack-ng: ​Removed redundant NULL check and fixed typo in another one+  * Aircrack-ng: ​Added hwloc (Hardware Locality) to improve performance 
-  * Aircrack-ng: ​Workaround for segfault when compiling aircrack-ng with clang and gcrypt and running a check. +  * Aircrack-ng: ​Support cracking PCAP with Protected Management Frames (802.11w) 
-  * Airmon-ng: Created version for FreeBSD. +  * Aircrack-ng: ​Merged check_thread() ​and read_thread() 
-  * Airmon-ng: Prevent passing invalid values as channel. +  * Aircrack-ng: Allow static linking with chosen SIMD 
-  * Airmon-ng: Handle udev renaming interfaces. +  * Aircrack-ng: Display AVX512F when present 
-  * Airmon-ng: Better handling of rfkill. +  * Airodump-ng: Added clients GPS coordinates in NetXML file 
-  * Airmon-ng: Updated ​OUI URL. +  * Airdecap-ng: Improve decrypting/​parsing speed 
-  * Airmon-ng: ​Fix VM detection. +  * Airmon-ng: Updated/fixed using with nexmon 
-  * Airmon-ng: Make lsusb optional if there doesn'​t ​seem to be a usb bus.  Improve pci detection slightly. +  * Airmon-ng: ​Better check for lspci requirement on systems that don'​t ​have PCI/PCIe devices 
-  * Airmon-ng: ​Various cleanup and fixes (including wording and typos). +  * Airmon-ng: ​Added support for rtl8812au/​8814au/​rtl88xxau driver 
-  * Airmon-ng: Display iw errors. +  * Build: Fixed building with a few different architectures 
-  * Airmon-ng: Improved handling of non-monitor interfaces. +  * BuildSwitch ​to new CI/CD tool, PyDeployer 
-  * Airmon-ng: Fixed error when running 'check kill'. +  * BuildImproved building on Windows ​(and building/​testing with AppVeyor
-  * Airdrop-ngDisplay error instead of stack trace. +  * BuildImproved ​and tweaked CI systems (buildbotsTravisAppVeyor) 
-  * Airmon-ng: Fixed bashism. +  * BuildSupport for statically linking libraries/​binaries 
-  * Airdecap-ng:​ Allow specifying output file names. +  * BuildAutomatic development packages build for multiple ​Linux distro and upload to 
-  * Airtun-ng: Added missing parameter ​to help screen. +  * TestsAdded new tests for Aircrack-ng 
-  * Besside-ng-crawlerRemoved reference to ​(non-existent subdomain). +  * TestsAdded new capture files 
-  * Airgraph-ngDisplay error when no graph type is specified. +  * Freeradius-WPE: Fixed opening log file twice 
-  * Airgraph-ng:​ Fixed make install. +  * General: Fixed loading PCAP on system ​with a different endianness 
-  * Manpages: Fixed, updated ​and improved airodump-ngairmon-ngaircrack-ng,​ airbase-ng and aireplay-ng manpages. +  * General: Fixed memory leaks and issues reported by static analysis tools 
-  * Aircrack-ng GUIFixes issues with wordlists selection. +  * General: Fixed "error while loading shared libraries"​ 
-  * OSdepAdd missing RADIOTAP_SUPPORT_OVERRIDES check. +  * General: ​Various other small improvements ​in the tools, ​build systemtests and documentation 
-  * OSdep: Fix possible infinite loop. +  * General: ​Update FSF address 
-  * OSdep: Use a default MTU of 1500 (Linux only)+  * General: ​Code formatting
-  * OSdepFixed compilation on OSX. +
-  * AppArmorImproved and added profiles. +
-  * General: Fixed warnings reported by clang. +
-  * General: Updated TravisCI configuration ​file +
-  * General: Fixed typos in various tools. +
-  * General: Fixed clang warning about '​gcry_thread_cbs()'​ being deprecated ​with gcrypt > 1.6.0. +
-  * General: Fixed compilation on cygwin due to undefined reference to GUID_DEVCLASS_NET +
-  * General: Fixed compilation with musl libc. +
-  * General: ​Improved testing and added test cases (make check). +
-  * General: Improved mutexes handling ​in various ​tools+
-  * General: Fixed memory leaksuse afer freenull termination ​and return values in various tools and OSdep. +
-  * General: ​Fixed compilation on FreeBSD. +
-  * General: ​Various fixes and improvements to README (wording, compilation,​ etc). +
-  * General: Updated copyrights in help screen.+
 \\ \\
 [[changelog|The complete Changelog]] [[changelog|The complete Changelog]]
-===== Subversion ​Repository =====+===== Git Repository =====
-Our code repository containing sources can be found at [[|]].+Our code repository containing sources can be found at
-We use trac for our [[|bug tracker]].+We also use GitHub to track [[​aircrack-ng/​issues|issues]].
 The download and installation instructions can be found on the [[install_aircrack#​compiling_and_installing|installation page]]. The download and installation instructions can be found on the [[install_aircrack#​compiling_and_installing|installation page]].
 ===== Driver patches ===== ===== Driver patches =====
-They can be found [[http://​|here...]] and [[install_drivers|this link]] explains how to install the driver(s) for your adapter(s).+They can be found [[https://​|here...]] and [[install_drivers|this link]] explains how to install the driver(s) for your adapter(s).
 ====== Installation ====== ====== Installation ======
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     * manpages: each tool has a manpage.     * manpages: each tool has a manpage.
     * [[http://​​|Forum]]     * [[http://​​|Forum]]
-    * Bugtracking:​ [[|trac]]+    * Bugtracking:​ [[​aircrack-ng/​issues|GitHub]]
     * IRC: [[irc://​​aircrack-ng|#​aircrack-ng]] on [[http://​​irc_servers.shtml|Freenode]]     * IRC: [[irc://​​aircrack-ng|#​aircrack-ng]] on [[http://​​irc_servers.shtml|Freenode]]
Line 143: Line 134:
   * [[airtun-ng]]   * [[airtun-ng]]
   * [[besside-ng]]   * [[besside-ng]]
 +  * [[dcrack]]
   * [[easside-ng]]   * [[easside-ng]]
   * [[packetforge-ng]]   * [[packetforge-ng]]
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 ===== URLs ===== ===== URLs =====
   * Wiki:​doku.php   * Wiki:​doku.php
-  * Patches: [[http://​|]]+  * Patches: [[https://​|]]
-  * Videos (tutorials):​ [[http://​|]] +  * Videos (tutorials):​ [[https://​|]] 
-  * Download: [[http://​|]] +  * Download: [[https://​|]] 
-  * Forum: [[http://​|]] +  * Forum: [[https://​|]] 
-  * Trac: [[|]] +  * GitHub: [[​issues|​aircrack-ng/issues]] 
-  * Buildbot: [[|]] +  * Photos and videos (events): [[https://​|]] 
-  * Photos and videos (events): [[http://​|]] +  * Blog: [[https://​|]] 
-  * Blog: [[http://​|]] +  * Nightly tarballs: [[https://​|]] 
-  * Nightly tarballs: [[http://​|]] +  * Archive: [[https://​|]] 
-  * Archive: [[http://​|]] +  * Storage: [[https://​|]] 
-  * Storage: [[http://​|]] +  * Twitter: [[https://​|]]
-  * Twitter: [[http://​|]]+
 ===== RSS ===== ===== RSS =====
-  * [[http://​​feed.php?​type=rss|Wiki]] +  * [[https://​​feed.php?​type=rss|Wiki]] 
-  * [[http://​​index.php?​action=.xml&​type=rss|Forum]] +  * [[https://​​index.php?​action=.xml&​type=rss|Forum]] 
-  * [[http://​​timeline?​milestone=on&​ticket=on&​ticket_details=on&​changeset=on&​wiki=off&​max=30&​daysback=20&​format=rss|Trac]] +  * [[https://​​feeds/​posts/​default?​alt=rss|Blog]] 
-  * [[http://​​feeds/​posts/​default?​alt=rss|Blog]] +  * [[​user=aircrackng|Twitter]]
-  * [[​102812769.rss|Twitter]]+
 ====== Donations ====== ====== Donations ======
-We would like to thank everyone who [[http://​​donors.html|donate]] and/or [[http://​​contribute.html|contribute]] to Aircrack-ng. +We would like to thank everyone who [[https://​​donors.html|donate]] and/or [[https://​​contribute.html|contribute]] to Aircrack-ng.
- +
-Consider your donation as an investment in the [[http://​​future.html|future]] of Aircrack-ng or as a way to say thanks or support hosting costs and hardware.  +
- +
-Monetary donations may be made via [[https://​​xclick/​​item_name=Aircrack-ng%20donation&​rm=2&​no_note=1&​no_shipping=1&​tax=0&​currency_code=EUR|Paypal]] or via IBAN, BIC/SWIFT. There is no minimum amount for your donation. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.\\+
-For any other donation or if you have any questionscontact me at [[]]+If you would like to donateconsider ​[[http://​|Hackers for Charity]].
 ====== Contact ====== ====== Contact ======
-If you have any question regarding this website (this wiki, forum, trac, ...), do not hesitate to contact me at [[]]. \\+If you have any question regarding this website (this wiki, forum, ...), do not hesitate to contact me at [[]]. \\
 \\ \\
 Thanks to devine for the original work and to everyone who contributed to aircrack (You know who you are) ;-)  Thanks to devine for the original work and to everyone who contributed to aircrack (You know who you are) ;-) 
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