Security Policy

Although we do our best to prevent vulnerabilities, and have tools to help catch most of them, we are humans after all, and there will be inevitably issues slipping through the cracks.

They can fall into two categories, either in any of the tools in the Aircrack-ng suite, or in our presence online (website, forum, emails, DNS, etc.).

Depending on which category they fall into, different information is needed. We do believe in coordinated disclosure, so in order to address them, and coordinate disclosure with you (and properly credit you for the discovery), report them to us. Do not open bug reports or pull requests.

Our contact email for security issues is

If you are unsure how to proceed, need clarifications or have questions or remarks about this policy, feel free to email us to inquire.

Aircrack-ng suite vulnerabilities

We only support the latest stable.

For security issues present in our GitHub repository (master or any recently active branch), open a pull request or bug report.

For any security issue affecting older versions of Aircrack-ng still present in currently supported Linux or BSD distributions, file a report with them, and email us a short description of the vulnerability along with a link to the bug report.

There is no particular template to report the vulnerabilities. Keep in mind that a vulnerability is essentially a bug, so please provide us detailed information on how to reproduce it, such as:

Although it is essentially a bug, do not submit a bug report or a pull request, but email us the data first, so we can coordinate fixing the issue and assist you in filing the bug reports, and if you provided a patch, the pull request; a patch may need to be broken down in multiple commits for clarity, for example.

Online presence

For any security issue affecting us specifically (any subdomain) such as misconfiguration of our hosting, DNS, email, servers, or misconfiguration of the software we are using, email us with all the details regarding your findings.

Anything else should be reported to the author or provider of the software, hardware, or hosting.