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Line 21: Line 21:
   * WEP dictionary attack   * WEP dictionary attack
   * Fragmentation attack   * Fragmentation attack
 +  * WPA1/2 cracking with support for 802.11w captures and PMKID
   * WPA Migration mode   * WPA Migration mode
   * Improved cracking speed   * Improved cracking speed
   * Capture with multiple cards   * Capture with multiple cards
 +  * Cracking session
   * New tools: [[airtun-ng]],​ [[packetforge-ng]] (improved arpforge), [[wesside-ng]],​ [[easside-ng]],​ [[airserv-ng]],​ [[airolib-ng]],​ [[airdriver-ng]],​ [[airbase-ng]],​ [[tkiptun-ng]] and [[airdecloak-ng]]   * New tools: [[airtun-ng]],​ [[packetforge-ng]] (improved arpforge), [[wesside-ng]],​ [[easside-ng]],​ [[airserv-ng]],​ [[airolib-ng]],​ [[airdriver-ng]],​ [[airbase-ng]],​ [[tkiptun-ng]] and [[airdecloak-ng]]
   * Optimizations,​ other improvements and bug fixing   * Optimizations,​ other improvements and bug fixing
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 ^Date^Title^Content^ ^Date^Title^Content^
-^15 Apr 2018|Aircrack-ng 1.2|It'​s ​been way too long since the last stable release. \\ \\ Compared to the last stable, 1.1, this release has huge amount ​of improvements ​and fixes. The changelog since 1.1 is almost 300 lines long (1200+ commits). Code quality ​has improved, in parts thanks ​to [[|Coverity Scan]]. We now switched ​to [[​aircrack-ng/|GitHub]] completely ​and have a few buildbots (including one for Windows) to test building and run the test suite on a different platforms. \\ \\ Check out our [[​aircrack-ng-12.html|blog post]] and [[changelog]] for more details.+^07 Nov 2018|Blog post: Continuous Integration/​Contious Delivery|We have been using lot of different tools and fined tuned them to provide us better and better information which has contributed ​to increase code quality over time. [[​continuous-integrationcontious-delivery.html|This blog post]] gives an overview of our current CI/CD infrastructure and some future improvements we are working on.
-^3 Apr 2018|Aircrack-ng 1.2 RC 5|On top of tons of fixes and improvements everywhere ​(and on multiple platforms), this release switched ​to autotools which allows compiling ​on more platforms. A trampoline binary has been added for Aircrack-ng ​to automatically select ​the fastest version for your CPU features. It will also help package maintainers greatly. \\ \\ few other notable mentions: \\ \\ - Airodump-ng supports setting HT40+/HT40- channels ​and now displays 802.11n and 802.11ac rates. \\ - Created WPA Enterprise WPE patches ​for HostAPd and Freeradius \\ - Support to export to HCCAPx for Hashcat v3.6+ \\ - Added [[https://​​Caesurus/airventriloquist|Airventriloquist-ng]], a tool from Caesurus\\ - Airmon-ng supports setting ​[[|Nexmon]] devices in/out of monitor mode on Kali \\ \\ Check out our [[changelog]] for more details. Longest since 1.2-beta1.|+^15 Oct 2018|Blog post: Using Qemu to run a Big Endian Debian system|[[|PCAP]], IVS and [[​id=hccapx#​detailed_structure|hashcat]] capture files contain headers that store timestamps ​and other fields as integer values. In most cases, we're dealing with the same [[​wiki/​Endianness|endianness]] ​(little), so this isn't too big of a deal but when a program needs to run on both big and little endian, values needs to be swapped ​to read the values as they were stored. \\ \\ We have quite a few buildbots to handle a lot of test cases and while we're taking care of swapping ​for endianness in most cases, ​[[https://​​aircrack-ng/aircrack-ng/​issues/​1968|one bug]] slipped through the netThis is a good opportunity to create a [[​to-be-or-not-to-be-using-qemu-to-run.html|MIPS big endian system using QEMU and Debian]] as a guest so we can possibly use it later on as another buildbot.|
Line 39: Line 41:
 ===== Current version ===== ===== Current version =====
-Latest version: 1.2+Latest version: 1.4
-  * [[https://​​aircrack-ng-1.2.tar.gz|Linux]] ([[https://​​|Driver patches]])+  * [[https://​​aircrack-ng-1.4.tar.gz|Linux]] ([[https://​​|Driver patches]])
 ** IMPORTANT ** Information Regarding Windows Version ** IMPORTANT **\\ ** IMPORTANT ** Information Regarding Windows Version ** IMPORTANT **\\
Line 54: Line 56:
 ==== Changelog ==== ==== Changelog ====
-  * GeneralFixed compiling Windows binaries and updated​INSTALLING. +  * Aircrack-ngAdded PMKID cracking 
-  * GeneralFixed commands to install dependencies on Debian/​Ubuntu ​and FreeBSD. +  * Aircrack-ngSerious speed up and memory usage decrease when loading large files (multiple Gb) using AVL trees 
-  * General: Added command ​to install dependencies on Fedora/​CentOS/​RHEL. +  * Aircrack-ng: Added hwloc (Hardware Locality) ​to improve performance 
-  * GeneralRemoved packages/ directory+  * Aircrack-ngSupport cracking PCAP with Protected Management Frames (802.11w) 
-  * GeneralAdded Alpine Linux and Kali Linux buildbots. +  * Aircrack-ngMerged check_thread() ​and read_thread() 
-  * GeneralFixed configure ​with --with-libpcap-include=/​somewhere/include and --with-libpcap-lib=/somewhere/lib. +  * Aircrack-ngAllow static linking ​with chosen SIMD 
-  * General: Fixed search for ethtool when running as non-root user. +  * Aircrack-ng: Display AVX512F when present 
-  * GeneralVarious fixes+  * Airodump-ng: Added clients GPS coordinates in NetXML file 
-  * Airmon-ng: Fixed mktemp ​on Alpine Linux.+  * Airdecap-ng: Improve decrypting/parsing speed 
 +  * Airmon-ng: Updated/​fixed using with nexmon 
 +  * Airmon-ng: Better check for lspci requirement on systems that don't have PCI/PCIe devices 
 +  * Airmon-ng: Added support for rtl8812au/8814au/rtl88xxau driver 
 +  * Build: Fixed building with few different architectures 
 +  * BuildSwitch to new CI/CD tool, PyDeployer 
 +  * Build: Improved building on Windows (and building/​testing with AppVeyor) 
 +  * Build: Improved and tweaked CI systems (buildbots, Travis, AppVeyor) 
 +  * Build: Support for statically linking libraries/​binaries 
 +  * Build: Automatic development packages build for multiple Linux distro and upload to 
 +  * Tests: Added new tests for Aircrack-ng 
 +  * Tests: Added new capture files 
 +  * Freeradius-WPE: Fixed opening log file twice 
 +  * General: Fixed loading PCAP on system with a different endianness 
 +  * General: Fixed memory leaks and issues reported by static analysis tools 
 +  * General: Fixed "error while loading shared libraries"​ 
 +  * General: Various other small improvements in the tools, build system, tests and documentation 
 +  * General: Update FSF address 
 +  * General: Code formatting
 \\ \\
 [[changelog|The complete Changelog]] [[changelog|The complete Changelog]]
Line 113: Line 133:
   * [[airtun-ng]]   * [[airtun-ng]]
   * [[besside-ng]]   * [[besside-ng]]
 +  * [[dcrack]]
   * [[easside-ng]]   * [[easside-ng]]
   * [[packetforge-ng]]   * [[packetforge-ng]]
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