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 +====== DEPRECATED ======
 +**IMPORTANT NOTE**: This page is deprecated, updated documentation can be found [[install_drivers|here]]
 ====== General ====== ====== General ======
-The driver ​for the RTL8187B chipset is under development.  ​It is only partially working ​and  not fully functional at the moment.+Support ​for the Realtek ​RTL8187B chipset is still experimental and is not 100% functional. 
 +You can get the latest experimental version [[http://​​r8187b-2.6.25-hirte.tar.bz2|here]].  ​Please remember it is experimental ​and not stable. ​ Post any feedback or experiences to the [[http://​|forum]].
 +Recent kernels (2.6.27 and newer) contain a fully-functional driver for RTL8187B - it's the same driver as the new one for RTL8187L, [[rtl8187]]. You should consider trying that version. The new driver is mac80211-based,​ so the usual [[mac80211]] rules apply. This driver is included in the BackTrack 4 beta release. ​ Also see: http://​​index.php?​topic=5297.msg28847#​msg28847.
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