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netrolller3d Add brcm80211. (It is unsupported and known to be broken, but add it for the sake of completeness.)
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   * [[ath9k]] (Atheros xspaN)   * [[ath9k]] (Atheros xspaN)
   * [[ath9k_htc]] (Atheros AR9001 and AR9002 family)   * [[ath9k_htc]] (Atheros AR9001 and AR9002 family)
-  * [[b43]] and b43legacy (Broadcom)+  * [[b43]] and b43legacy (Broadcom legacy) 
 +  * [[brcm80211]] (Broadcom 802.11n - **does not currently allow capturing data packets!**)
   * [[iwl3945]] (not to be confused with [[ipw3945]]/[[ipw3945|ipwraw]])   * [[iwl3945]] (not to be confused with [[ipw3945]]/[[ipw3945|ipwraw]])
   * [[iwlagn]] (formerly [[iwl4965]])   * [[iwlagn]] (formerly [[iwl4965]])
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