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Open up a shell and type:

tar xvfz rt61-cvs-daily.tar.gz
cd rt61-cvs-*
cd Module

Then, as root, type:

make install
modprobe rt61

You also need the following each time you want to use the device in monitor mode (this only applies to the Enhanced Legacy driver, as rt2x00 uses Radiotap instead):

 iwpriv <interface name> rfmontx 1

For the above command, first make sure the interface is down. You can bring the interface down with “ifconfig <interface name> down”.

NOTE: This will download the Enhanced Legacy version of the driver. The Next Generation version (rt2x00, mac80211-based) requires a recent (rev. 1038+) Aircrack-ng SVN build to function, and it's not thoroughly tested. FIXME Rewrite this page to include instructions for the new driver!

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