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It recovers WEP keys from XP's Wireless Zero Configuration utility. This is experimental software, so it may or may not work depending on your Service Pack level.

WZCOOK can also display the PMK (Pairwise Master Key), a 256-bit value which is the result of the passphrase hashed 8192 times together with the ESSID and the ESSID length. The passphrase itself can't be recovered – however, knowing the PMK is enough to connect to a WPA-protected wireless network with wpa_supplicant (see the Windows README). Your wpa_supplicant.conf configuration file should look like:


If you don't use WZC service, but you use USR Utility, get this registry value and try it here:



This tool handle .ivs files. You can either merge or convert them.


Use –merge option to merge multiple .ivs files. Example:

ivstools --merge dump1.ivs dump2.ivs dump3.ivs out.ivs 

It will merge dump1.ivs, dump2.ivs and dump3.ivs into out.ivs. You can merge more than 2 files, output file must be the last argument.

Note: aircrack-ng is able to open multiple files (pcap or ivs)


Use –convert option to convert a pcap file (by default, they have .cap extension) to a .ivs file. Example:

ivstools --convert out.cap out.ivs

It will save out.cap IVs to out.ivs

Note: Kismet produce pcap files (the extension is .dump), that can be converted

WARNING: pcap2ivs from aircrack, and aircrack-ng up to v0.2.1 have a bug which creates broken captures. You should not use pcap2ivs from that versions. If you did and got a messed .ivs file and want to recover it as much as possible, you should try FixIvs.

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