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 Check out [[easside-ng]] documentation. Check out [[easside-ng]] documentation.
 +=====  makeivs-ng =====
 +makeivs-ng is a tool designed to generate an IVS dump file with an inputted WEP key. The aim of is tools is to provide a way to create dumps with a known encryption key for tests.
 +By default, it will generate a file with the BSSID 01:02:03:04:05:06 of 100000 packets and 16 bytes of keystream. IVs will be sequential. Various parameters can added to test different scenarios:
 +|-b <bssid> or --bssid <bssid>|Set the BSSID (Access Point MAC).|
 +|-f <num> or --first <num>|Value for the first IV generated.|
 +|-k <key> or --key <key>|Target network WEP key in hex. Separator between bytes is accepted but not necessary.|
 +|-s <num> or --seed <num>|Seed used to setup random generator. May be used in combination with -p or --prng.|
 +|-w <file> or --write <file>|Filename to write IVs into.|
 +|-c <num> or --count <num>|Amount of IVs to generate. Default value is 100000.|
 +|-d <num> or --dupe <num>|Percentage of duplicate IVs.|
 +|-e <num> or --error <num>|Percentage of erroneous keystreams.|
 +|-l <num> or --length <num>|Size of keystreams. Default: 16 bytes.|
 +|-n or --nofms|Ignores weak IVs.|
 +|-p or --prng|Use random values when generating IVs. Default is to use sequential values.|
 +Minimum required parameters: -w and -k.
 +=====  kstats =====
 +kstats is a tool designed to show the FMS algorithm votes for an IVS dump with a specified WEP key. The IVS dump can be get by using the  combination of both [[airodump-ng]] and [[#ivstools|ivstools]].
 +   kstats <IVS file> <WEP Key>
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