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mister_x quote from only
Line 385: Line 385:
 Quote from kingnub: Quote from kingnub:
-  04-09-2007 * 22:15 <kingnub> I have the "Aircrack.vmx" from but +  04-09-2007 * 22:15 <kingnub> I have the "Aircrack.vmx" from but 
                                lspci doesn't show my USB dongle even though vmware says its connected ...                                lspci doesn't show my USB dongle even though vmware says its connected ...
   # After spending some time trying to figure out what's the wrong, we found the solution ;)   # After spending some time trying to figure out what's the wrong, we found the solution ;)
Line 523: Line 523:
   21:58 < ionstorm> with lsusb -vvv MaxPower does that mean max transmit power?   21:58 < ionstorm> with lsusb -vvv MaxPower does that mean max transmit power?
 +Quote from kane:
 +  [02:31:42] < kane1> I get i need a good wordlist So its kind of like impossible
 +  [02:31:45] < kane1> to crack wpa
 +  [02:31:59] < kane1> I can't believe aircrack made me do all these things
 +Quote from NetRolller3D:
 +  <NetRolller3D>  kane2: In fact, there exists a way to immediately crack a WPA network, regardless of what the key is, without having to colloect IVs or anything - it has recently leaked from the NSA. Don't tell anyone that you know this from me!
 +  <GuntherDW> NetRolller3D: i've heard about that one too!
 +  <NetRolller3D> The method: Take a hammer, go near the AP, and CRACK THAT FSCKIN' WPA AP TO TINY PARTS!
 +Quote from ASPj talking about Android and iPhone:
 +  [16:02] <ASPj> this should be as uncomfartable as google and apple spying on you all the time
 +  [16:02] <ASPj> uncomfortable, not uncomFARTable
 +  [16:02] <ASPj> an uncommon fart table oO
 +Quote from Zermelo:
 +  27-10-2008 * 00:46 <DarkPixel> AR5008 but no driver for linksys wpc100
 +               00:46 <DarkPixel> trying to use airodump and claims not supported
 +               00:47 <Zermelo> ur on windows?
 +               00:47 <DarkPixel> yea
 +               00:47 <Zermelo> thats ur first problem
 +Quote from lord-carlos:
 +  11-07-2009 <lord-carlos> 0.9.3 is so damn old, my grandfarther was using it with his enigma in WWII
 +Quote from AaronM:
 +  [03:32] <ASPj> WHAT THE FUCK??!!
 +  [03:33] <AaronM> so begins the ASPj night time show
 +Quote from ASPj:
 +  (03:22:24) ASPj: I guess my laptop is considered a WMD in the US ;)
 +  (03:22:41) ASPj: Weapon of Mass Disconnection :D
 +Quote from ziplock:
 +  December 6th, 2009
 +  13:08  * XAVeRY hides in the corner and starts to cry
 +  13:08 <@jeroenimo> XAVeRY: pussy...
 +  13:09 < XAVeRY> I am so appalled.
 +  13:09 < ziplock> what is pussy, and is it in the wiki?
 +Quote from sorbo:
 +  16-01-2010 * 03:27 <sorbo> my code fucking rocks
 +  16-01-2010 * 03:27 <sorbo> especially wesside
 +  16-01-2010 * 03:27 <sorbo> the only thing that seems to work is the help menu
 +Quote from Zero_Chaos:
 +  14-08-2010 * 20:29 < upp> i don't understand what do you mean
 +  14-08-2010 * 20:29 < Zero_Chaos> read it again and try really hard
 +Quote from johnny`:
 +  [19:05] <johnny`> how do i install it by source
 +  [19:05] <XAVeRY> consult the documentation.
 +  [19:05] <XAVeRY> this is basic Linux knowledge.
 +  [19:14] <johnny`> there is no documentation
 +Quote from Tefx:
 +  [23:12] <Tefx> hey guys erm not in linux atm btu was wantign to test crack my friends wifi for him and yes this is legitimate it was to test his router and check see how my new laptop   deals with cracking and it uses a card ive used many of times for doign wep cracking btu for soem reason when i start aimon ng i can airodump- specific chanels and detetc networks on all   chanels btu for soem reason when i try to start aireplay-ng with fake auth or arpreplay it seem to
 +  [23:12] <Tefx > say that the channel is locked to channel -1
 +  [23:12] <Tefx > any ideas
 +  [23:17] <WiFiHelper> New on the ForumFeed: Re: Why is my interface on channel -1? <>
 +  [23:19] <Tefx > WiFiHelper, i think you a bot but i shal give that a try thanks
 +  [23:19] <WiFiHelper > Tefx: Error: "i" is not a valid command.
 +Quote from SniperXP:
 +  <SniperXPX> I have the handshake packets for my WPA protected network. How would I go about bruteforcing the key? I can use disctionaries no problem but I cannot find anything about Bruteforcing
 +  <SniperXPX> dictionaries*
 +  <Zero_Chaos> !john
 +  <WiFiHelper> Zero_Chaos: "john" is (#1) or (#2) john --stdout --incremental | aircrack-ng -a 2 -w - <handshakes>.cap -e <essid> or (#3) or (#4)
 +  <Zero_Chaos> you have 11,000 years right?
 +  <SniperXPX> I do not think the password is all that strong
 +  <SniperXPX> I do have access to a dual CPU xeon server
 +  <SniperXPX> I can leave that server running the job for weeks if I want to
 +  <Zero_Chaos> 11,000 years
 +  <hiexpo> lol
 +  <SniperXPX> I doubt the password is 64char
 +  <SniperXPX> It's most liekly 8-10
 +  <SniperXPX> likely*
 +  <Zero_Chaos> LOL
 +  <Zero_Chaos> yeah, that is 11,000 years
 +  <SniperXPX> Seriously?
 +  <Zero_Chaos> yeah, please consult a calulator
 +Quote from Zero_Chaos:
 +  <allfro> alright.. brb
 +  <allfro> build complete
 +  <allfro> patch applied
 +  <Zero_Chaos> hopefully in the opposite order...
 +Quote from maslen:
 +  <haxwithdroid> I'd like to propose a new code style standard. COK: cat on keyboard.
 +  <maslen> Why not just call it perl ?
 +  <jeffree> damn
 +  <haxwithdroid> cok can be applied to any language
 +  <maslen> Yes. And then they'll all look like PERL
 +Quote from only:
 +  <only> hey folks, can I set an Alfa USB wifi into monitor mode on macOS?
 +  <only> I have installed the drivers and see it as `en6`
 +  <only> or do I absolutely need a Linux VM?
 +  <Mister_X> only, you can capture with the internal card with wireshark
 +  <Mister_X> there is no injection
 +  <Mister_X> you can't use another card AFAIK
 +  <Mister_X> if you want to use that USB card, you'll either need to boot into a live linux (or installed on your mac) or a VM
 +  ...
 +  <only> Mister_X: so absolutely no workaround to this? :\
 +  <Fishman> only: osx drivers are all closed source.  expect to never have monitor mode on them.
 +  <Mister_X> only, yes, write a driver for it
 +  <only> well, that's what I was thinking.. surely someone thought about running rtl8812au natively in os x
 +  <Fishman> only: basically, no.
 +  ...
 +  # A few hours later:
 +  <only> no, I mean, how do I access the interfrace from within the linux vm?
 +  <only> on mac os
 +  <only> hey folks, has anyone used an external wifi adapter in monitor mode on a Mac?
 +  <Zero_Chaos> only: still not possible.  no one fixed it for you in the last 3 hours
 +  <only> Zero_Chaos: fair enough
 +  * only has quit (Quit: Leaving...)
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