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 ==== General ==== ==== General ====
-Make sure the card(s) are on the same channel as your AP.  You can use iwconfig to confirm which channel your card is currently on.+  * Make sure you use the correct interface name.  For mac80211 drivers, it is typically "mon0" For madwifi-ng, it is typically "ath0" As well, ensure you don't have multiple monitor interfaces created meaning "mon0", "mon1", etc. is bad and the extra interfaces need to be destroyed.
-Make sure your card is not channel hopping.+  * Make sure the card(s) are on the same channel as your AP and locked on this channel.  When putting your card into monitor mode, be sure to specify the channel via airmon-ng.  You can use iwconfig to confirm which channel your card is currently on.  The injection test will fail if your card and access point are on different channels.
 +  * Make sure your card is not channel hopping.  A very common mistake is to have airodump-ng running in channel hopping mode.  If you use airodump-ng, be sure to use the "-c <channel>" option.  Additionally, ensure all network managers and similar are killed off.
 ==== "Network is down" error message ==== ==== "Network is down" error message ====
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