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darkaudax Documented WPA/WPA2 fails in managed mode limitation
r8187 [2010/02/14 00:01]
mister_x Updated for 2.6.32 patch
Line 18: Line 18:
   cd rtl8187_linux_26.1010.0622.2006/   cd rtl8187_linux_26.1010.0622.2006/
   wget   wget
 +  wget
   tar xzf drv.tar.gz   tar xzf drv.tar.gz
   tar xzf stack.tar.gz   tar xzf stack.tar.gz
   patch -Np1 -i rtl8187_2.6.27.patch   patch -Np1 -i rtl8187_2.6.27.patch
 +  patch -Np1 -i rtl8187_2.6.32.patch
   make   make
   make install   make install
Line 302: Line 304:
         #include <linux/semaphore.h>         #include <linux/semaphore.h>
       #endif       #endif
 +===== Will not compile on kerner 2.6.31 or above =====
 +Follow the patching instructions at the top of this page then:
 +   wget
 +   patch -Np1 -i rtl8187-ng-2.6.31.patch
 +Then proceed with make/make install.
 ====== Limitations ====== ====== Limitations ======
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