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User interface to Aircrack-ng


  • David Francos Cuartero (XayOn)
  • Daouid


Airoscript-ng is a complete user interface to interact with Aicrack-ng and allows easy WEP and WPA networks attacks. It gives you almost all functionality that Aircrack-ng has, allowing you to save some time from writing commands. Airoscript-ng also provides a comprehensive way to generate CEO-readable network security reports, writable (by wkhtml2pdf plugin) as pdf.


  • aircrack-ng (SVN version = same version as airoscript-ng_version)
  • bash ( >4.0 )
  • grep
  • ip (iproute package)
  • iw
  • mrxvt|xterm|gnome-terminal –> Preferibly xterm
  • macchanger
  • make
  • python 2.7
  • subversion
  • *Working* injection capable driver for the interface you want to use


  • Digenpy (dictionary generator)
  • Mdk3 (tool to bruteforce and deauth)


svn co airoscript-ng

The command above places the files into a directory called Airoscript-ng. Then you must su to root and then:

cd airoscript-ng

At this point you are ready to use Airoscript-ng by simply typing “airoscript-ng”.


airoscript-ng [options]
-tterminalSpecify terminal (xterm or screen)
-cnoneLaunches an interface selection menu (requires -pzenity)
-wwireless_cardSpecify wifi card
-bfileWrites a csv file with network data
-mmac_modeChange mac to fakemac before everything else. (mac_mode = fakemac or realmac)
-anoneAutomatic mode
-nregexFilter SSID by regex
-xnoneAutoconfigure network after automatic crack (requires -a)
-znoneDon't scan automatically at start
-pplugin fileLoad plugin at start
-vnoneVerbose & debug mode
-hnoneDisplays this usage screen

Usage Examples

Try to crack/test the first of all our networks using our real mac address

airoscript-ng -w wlan0 -m realmac -n "Test_My_SSID"          

Try to crack/test any network with faked mac.

airoscript-ng -w wlan0 -m fakemac -a

Plugin support

Airoscript-ng supports plugins, shell scripts listed in enabled_plugins on Airoscript-ng configuration (use the full path there). Since SVN revision 1969 Airoscript-ng has a plugin menu, which will make you able to enable any plugin after Airoscript-ng has been started just by selecting it.

Currently (at 1991) the plugin list that comes out with Airoscript-ng is:

  • arpspoof –> Enables Arpspoof menu
  • digenpy –> Enables Digenpy a dictionary generator for cracking
  • dsniff –> launches Dsniff (better use it with Arpspoof and Sslstrip)
  • hydra –> Configures network, then launches Hydra to get router password
  • iptables –> Configures Iptables to redirect trough it (needed for arpspoof sslstrip)
  • johntheripper –> Enables John The Ripper to generate password lists for cracking WPA
  • mdk3 –> Enables Mdk3 menu
  • sslstrip –> Enables SSLstrip menu
  • tcpdstat –> When making a report, includes tcpdstat's protocol statistics
  • wkhtmltopdf –> Converts reports to pdf
  • zenity –> Enables a Zenity-based graphical interface for Airoscript-ng (needs also libnotify-bin)
  • pyrit –> a raw interface for Pyrit, requires pyrit knowledge

Airoscript-ng menu is quite intuitive, and it's documented in the html docs. Since version 1.1 is able to queue commands, that is, you can tell it to do 1 then 2 in a menu just by entering “1 2” (without the quotes).

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